Watching a Great Gray Owl Hunt — 13 Comments

  1. Stunning capture, Mary; clear and vivid are his eyes that pierce right through the photo. AWESOME!

  2. I love owls and I wish I had one. but they are no pets, so I rather watch them via your blog… somehow my wish was granted and a screech owl lives on the attic of our garage… the nightly concerts of “my” Owliver are priceless :o)

  3. That is pretty interesting. We are glad we just eat and don’t have to worry about throwing up. It sounds awful! Great shot of the vole in the mouth!

  4. this is beautiful and amazing — there are moments like this, even though I am experiencing it vicariously through your blog, that nature absolutely leaves me in awe.

    Thanks for the beautiful share Mary.

  5. Magnificent photos, Mary! I can imagine the time and patience it took to capture such great shots. We used to find those pellets when hiking – they were a mass of tightly wound and compacted hair and bones, mostly – all the undigestable parts of the critter. (There was a different term used for them, but I can’t remember it now.) Sounds gross, but they weren’t, they were actually pretty fascinating.

  6. Wow, that is so fascinating, and the photos are amazing. We hear owls in our woods often, but I have yet to actually see one.

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