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Watching the sunrise — 28 Comments

  1. That is a great way to start the day!!! There’s a saying….Red sky morning, sailor take warning; red sky night, sailors delight! Not sure if it always happens that way, but it’s been a pretty good indicator for us. Happy New Year!

  2. Beautiful photos, and so peaceful…almost looks like lava on a volcano in some pics…it also looks warm and cozy which sounds good as we get ready to go out in yet another below zero morning.

  3. Oh what wonderful pictures. It looks like the desert is in fire. How many degrees are there, where you are for the moment?

  4. That is THE BEST way to start the day! What beautiful photos, so peaceful and serene. Thanks for sharing them with us…it helped start out my day right too!

  5. Oh there is something just so beautiful about sunrise and sunset. Hubby and I were watching the sunset the other night and thinking, somewhere on the other side of the world someone is experiencing the same thing, except the sun is rising.

    If I’m ever in doubt at to whether colors match or not, I just think about the colors of sunrise and sunset. If the colors are good for God, then they are good for me.

    Beautiful photos Torrey, just beautiful.

  6. I agree- beautiful sunrises and sunsets are probably my favourite times of day. Shame I usually miss the first!

  7. Yes, what a beautiful way to start the day, never take that for granted. It has been snowing since Tuesday afternoon here, I am NOT complaining, yet. Love Dolly

  8. What a glorious morning! And, you are so lucky to be able to sit outside with your morning tea. Someday, when we retire, we will do the same in January!!!!!

    Your photos are wonderful.

  9. We are glad that you were able to enjoy the morning with your mom too! Spectacular photos!! Oh….to be back on the road again…cannot wait!! Happy New Year!!

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