Water on the Rocks — 11 Comments

  1. Those water hitting the rocks photos are great. You chose a perfect shutter speed so that we could see the “action” of the drops.

    I also love the shasta can with orange peels. Great idea!

  2. Water is such a fun thing to photograph as it has so many forms. Droplets on a leaf or the grass, water in motion, splashing water still water. Water makes a great, never ending subject!

  3. Great idea with the Shasta orange! I like the first one best, and I also love what you did with the water hitting the rock.

  4. Those are all very creative! I like the Shasta can in the first shot…it looks almost as if you found it there on the desert floor, bursting out of an orange!

  5. Hello Mary! Great water shots. I can’t wait for warmer weather to allow me to get outside and photograph. It’s still a bit cold for that. LOVELY!

  6. Water is such a dynamic subject, isn’t it?

    Just keep in mind, we see lots of it. And we could always use in in-house (oops, I mean In-boat) photographer. :)

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