Waterfalls are so Beautiful — 13 Comments

  1. So beautiful!

    Thanks for opening up my morning with the sound of water tumbling across rocks and the feel of the cool crisp mountain air on my face!

  2. I agree that waterfalls are such beautiful things. That looks exactly like the types of places I’ve always enjoyed hiking in, and I’d always make new discoveries. Thanks for taking me back there!

  3. It must be fun to have a son with whom you can get out and do rugged things…..I always wanted a brother to do such stuff! OOOOO the love of water, Mary! You captured it!

  4. I love waterfalls! I can’t believe how much I miss them having moved to Tucson.

  5. It is very beautiful! But the coolness of the waterfalls is what is so appealing! It’s so hot here in the Valley of the Sun!

  6. Some of my favorite hikes have been to waterfalls. There is nothing like it on a hot day….sorry yours got cut short by wash outs. It looks like Brandon and Torrey were really enjoying the water though!

  7. Hello, looks like a fun outing with your son and Torrey. The last waterfall shot is beautiful. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  8. Dearest Mary, it is an honor to read your comment on my page. I am having the time of my life, right here, in my own city, my own home, my own backyard. There is a colony of blue jays (seven of them) that have set up residence on my arbor over the water fountain. I took some photos as I was lucky enough that they allowed me to get close. WOW, what a beautiful sight. LIVE ON , GROW YOUNG, take in all the beauty.

  9. Indeed they are! I too love waterfalls, no matter how big or small – and I always find them relaxing. And impressive :)

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