We begin our trip down the Oregon coast — 27 Comments

  1. Doesn’t the ocean just bring you alive? That fantastic shot of the bridge going toward the coast, OH MARY….this scene (or one similar) has been played out so many times in my dreams. For years I’ve been dreaming the water, but we went back to Carmel last June, my dreams of oceans stopped. I think being a California girl living now in the Midwest caused a longing in my heart for such a vast body of water.

    The dogs look SO HAPPY! Who doesn’t like the beach? Man and beast need to feel that energy…enjoy yourselves, and I look forward to more gorgeous beauty!

  2. I loved the Oregon beaches, Cute shots of your sweet dogs. Enjoy Oregon. Happy Monday, have a great week!

  3. I love the photo of the bridge and the road, that’s a great angle you used. And I love Roxy, she looks like a mini-wolf, what a beautiful pup :o)

  4. Such beautiful shots.

    I’ve really wanted to take pictures of the bay but can’t think of how i’d ever capture it. But you did such a great job.

    Glad to hear that you’re not in such a hurry to get out of dodge that you’re missing out on some amazing sights. Good travels.

  5. So beautiful Mary. I’m a fan of the beach myself (but not to lie out during the day, for walking at dawn and dusk). Great photos of the sunset.

    The hardest part of Sampson’s ACL for me was keeping the poor guy on leash. You have my sympathies and I hope Torrey is feeling better very soon!

  6. Astoria is such a fun city, love spending time there…The Oregon coast is such a gorgeous part of the world, your photos are so amazing.

  7. Fabulous photos and what a magnificent sunset! I can see Roxy was having a great time experiencing the sandy beach, but poor Torrey! I feel her pain. That bridge is incredible – reminds me of a roller coaster. :)

  8. Holy crap! I have a phobia of bridges and that one really freaked me out…LOL. I’d be doing everything I could to avoid it, not go out of my way to get to it.
    The ocean photos are breathtaking, and it’s good to see the girls on the beach. We hope Torrey can be back to normal activity soon…I know how tough that is!

  9. Glad to hear Torrey is getting better! The pictures are beautiful! When I visited Oregon I didn’t get to see the coast but drove to Pendleton along the Columbia River and it was one of the prettiest sights I have seen.

  10. I love to travel, and my favorite place in the world is the beach. Your pictures are so full of life. Safe travels to y’all!

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