Weightless waves — 19 Comments

  1. I love ANY kind of prompt that gives us a push into the imagination, where we can see things that aren’t there. Only a photo or a poem can help us see the invisible, and you captured that beautifully in the action of the waves and the still moment of your selfie. GORGEOUS.

  2. Hello, gorgeous captures of the waves. I love the golden colors at the beach. Cute selfie shot! Happy Tuesday!

  3. I love how your photo caught the sea spray against the sunset. We live near the ocean shoreline (20 minutes away) and I spent most of my summers at the beach growing up and in my teens, so I know exactly what you mean about the surging and crashing of the waves. Their incredible power always amazes me, even to this day. Love your selfie!

  4. We are so behind on where you are! Expected to see desert picture so time to catch up, beautiful photo of the waves the light and colors are amazing. Love Dolly

  5. That’s a pretty cool photo challenge, we checked it out. We were thinking of joining, but after just finishing the one in 2015, I think we need a break. A year is a long time. Maybe next year. Your photos fit perfectly.

  6. Stunning, as always!

    As you know, I was challenged by Jen of Two Brown Newfies for the 7-day nature photo challenge on Facebook. I only did it because, well, Jen. But I’ve been really surprised at how many nice photos I have actually taken, and chuffed by the positive response. Of course, only one person I’ve challenged has taken up the challenge. But whatever. :)

  7. Great wave photos. Love the selfie too. (So hard to take a good one!)

    Maybe when I quit publishing books (which might be soonish… who knows) I’ll be up for a photography challenge. At the moment I don’t really have time to try to get better at it. Some day!

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