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We’re Back!! — 20 Comments

  1. Welcome back! It’ll be great to read what you are up to again. That really is a scary event with the coyotes, make sure you take care! My Mom also likes odd shaped rocks and has a fair collection.

  2. Roxy, you look quite content enjoying the lazy life in the sunshine! That is scary with the coyotes! My sister Katie could fight them off and protect me but still I think it is best to stay on leash. Hope that poor other dog makes it.

  3. I forgot…Howling Happy New Year and glad to see you are back. A few days ago we panicked because we hadn’t seen any posts from you but then we checked and remembered you took a break ;)

  4. glad you are fine and soaking up the sun. How are you doing since the tick bit you? Happy New Year!

  5. That’s fantastic that you’re able to go running again. And what a great place to go running, too. Too bad about the coyote attacks. Poor dog. I hope he pulls through. Keep Torrey and Roxy safe and have a wonderful 2014!

  6. Of course we missed you! We’ve been very busy and not on the computer as much either though…we’re kind of glad the holidays are almost over so things can get back to normal.
    So glad you enjoyed your time off and have been out enjoying all of the wonderful sunshine. We barely cracked 12 degrees here today, and we have another big snowstorm on the way!
    Stay safe from those coyotes!

  7. We missed you big time! Do be careful of coyotes. We’ve had that happen to us… but I scared the coyotes away before anything happened. We practice recalls all the time for exactly that reason!

    Happy New Year to you!!!!!

  8. I’ve been taking more mental breaks than blogging lately. I am enjoying our adventures with no “angle” in mind or camera permanently attached to my hand. It’s great that you can run again. I told myself that I can’t run for at least this next year and see how I feel. Sadly, my back and knees might not ever let me run again. I want to save what they have left in them for hiking :)

  9. Welcome back, and Happy New Year. It’s scary with the coyote, so it’s good that you are close to your mom and dad.

  10. Welcome back. Beautiful pictures. Love that blue sky. Could you send some here? lol

    My hubby has told me that what you described is very typical of how coyotes operate. One lures a dog away and the rest are waiting to attack. He has warned me about that because we had so many around our cabin.

  11. Sounds like you are having a great time! Scary about the coyotes but they are a real problem here too. We even had one in our park recently. Just the other day a Yorkie was grabbed out of a back yard in the suburbs. Love Dolly

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