We’re Back in the Delightful Desert — 14 Comments

  1. Sorry the show wasn’t what you had hoped. I wonder if the Carefree Winter Festival had a negative impact on the Stage Coach site. We had trouble finding a parking spot in Carefree because it was crazy busy. Nice to hear you’re relaxing back in the desert and enjoying those beautiful skies.

  2. That’s ashame the show didn’t go as well as you hoped. With Christmas so soon, I can’t imagine not buying one (or more!) for a gift. You need to bring your show east!

  3. I love Al’s new pieces. The two of you are an incredible artist pair. I bet that the sales will come along.

    Ah, the desert and the super moon! You live a charmed life :)

  4. I’m sorry the show wasn’t great. You guys both make such beautiful things! Hopefully your online sales are going well. I love the piece with the coyotes, and the way you framed the horse photographs is really gorgeous! And those moon shots! Fantastic!

  5. it’s great!!! I love that the coyotes and the horse are made in special situations, and the hunting lesson by mama coyote is just wonderful!

  6. Hello, gorgeous post and images. The art pieces are lovely. I love the sky shot and the beautiful moon. Have a great day!

  7. Al’s new pieces are beautiful, and your show booth looked great. Your work deserves more sales, and I hope you find the right venue for that. Those quail are so adorable! That photo of the moon over the tiny cactus silhouette with the purple/blue sky is breathtaking. I’m glad you’re back where you feel so much at home.

  8. My mom has found the creating is the easy part, selling and marketing is the hard part. We got the items we ordered from your horse pics. Our niece is going to love them. They came out great!

  9. Isn’t it thrilling to be surrounded by such beauty from nature? The moon, the horses, the rough and hewn earth and all the art that you both come up with? Mary, thank you for a year full of breathtaking inspiration. LOVE AL’S HORSES!

  10. I think it sounds wonderful to have more than one home, each with it’s own charms. I’m glad you’ve made it to warmer weather! And glad for us that we get to see such beautiful photos.
    Al’s sculptures are just gorgeous.

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