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  1. These are absolutely stunning! Boy, you sure did get lucky! They are really fabulous!! I have been meaning to ask you Mary…do you ever have issues with snakes in your rv or around the dogs?

    • No snakes in the RV, I’m not sure how they would get in. I am pretty watchful when I am out with the dogs. I keep Torrey leashed if she won’t stay close, just so she doesn’t stick her nose in one. In 3 years I have seen 1 snake, and it was some little benign variety.

  2. Oh Mary, I just can’t decide which of your photos are the most intriguing, the sunsets, the flowers or the animals….YOU had a rare and lucky shot to see these magnificent beasts not just once but twice! And the close-ups! Having the right lens is imperative. I have never seen such animals….not even in our zoos. It must have been almost eery to not have the noise pollution of the city, but to only hear their footsteps, maybe a grunt or two, or the knock of their horns against the rocks or each other…..Thank you for this amazing journey!

  3. How did you get them to pose so well. Did saying smile and say cheese work, or what words get them to look. What beautiful creatures.

  4. These are incredible Mary! Wow!
    My sister and I saw several big horn sheep in Banff when were hiking. Most amazing experience. I bet you were just dying seeing them all like that. Incredible photos.

  5. Man the opportunity of a life time and you were there and ready for it. Great shooting! How many people who’ve been there have had the skill, patients, or just luck to get shots like yours? Was this mountain near your camp site or had you hiked a bit before seeing them? If you see them today, tell them to stick around. We’ll be out there this Saturday. Great post Mary.

    • We looked for them yesterday, but no luck. If we see them before we leave I will tell them to hang out. We had to hike to get there, but it was worth it.

  6. Mary, you took my breath away. Seriously. These photos are amazing, and if you had a photo album online of all 343 pictures, I’d look at every single one. My daughter and I are wondering how your photos aren’t being featured in magazines (no joking). I would have been a bit nervous, too, when they came so close, but I think they could probably sense you weren’t a threat. I love how they gave you those classic poses – how cool! The close-up of the Big Guy looking straight down at you is spectacular. I’d say that the desert is giving you its best and saying, “It’s not ‘goodbye’ in two weeks, it’s just ‘see you later’!”

  7. fantastic photos. We saw some head butting while at Lake Mead one year. You could hear the pounding sound as they head butted. We took pictures but with a very awful camera. After getting our film developed you could hardly tell what they were. Glad you were well equipped for this sighting. Wonder what the dogs would have thought.

  8. You were so lucky to have these guys all to yourself. At Lake Mead (Nevada) they come down from the mountains through people’s back yards and down to a local park, where they graze and sit in the sun. You can get to about 5 feet from them before they move, they are pretty used to people around. I was able to get shots one day but nothing as magnificent as these. In your photos, you can really see the difference in the young one’s horn. His face also looks a lot younger. Great job!

  9. The photos that loaded were amazing so glad you got to see them so close. I bet they were looking for food. It could be on my end but many of the photos didn’t load or took a really long time, just wanted you to know. Love Dolly

  10. It is always fun finding these beautiful creatures. Your photos are so gorgeous! I love the close ups of those magnificent horns. Don’t you love how they pose for the pictures. They really are curious. I am glad you shared so many photos, there are never too many:) We have had many encounters with them this past year. The big horn in Glacier NP are huge and so fat compared to the desert big horn. Then our best experience was the herd of about 25 that came down off the hill as we were driving a back road around Lake Mead. That was a once in life time experience to be surrounded by them. We also had a family follow us (I think we were following them) the whole way down a trail to the Colorado River in Lake Mead. I guess we were all going for water:)

  11. Wow, fantastic! Great shots and each more stunning than the next. When these encounters happen to me I get so excited it’s hard for me to hold the camera steady. Congrats on running into these handsome guys and having them pose so nicely for you :-)

  12. What magnificent animals and what a beautiful job photographing them. I will never get over the beauty of where you live. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing!

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