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What about those ticks? — 30 Comments

  1. Oh, Roxy, I hate to think of that nasty bug chomping on your sweet face! I hope you are feeling all better and I hope you get to some nice, warm weather! Safe travels!

  2. Unfortunately, we get LOTS of ticks down here is SoCal. We pretty much now the season and where they are the worst and avoid them or else we get a good check over when we get home. They are easy to spot on Jack, but HARD to see on Maggie. And some dogs just seem to attract them more than other.

  3. I’m so glad that you’re ok Roxy and you Mom got the tick out! They are nasty little things!

    I watched the video and it is interesting but I think I would wear gloves because ticks carry so many diseases!

  4. We’ve been very lucky with not getting ticks too, but I keep a little device called a Tick Lasso in my doggy first aid kit, just in case. My girlfriend turned me on to this device and has used it with great success. Our greyhound group uses these lassos when we get dogs off the tracks. They always have ticks.

  5. Ewww… we hate those little nasty buggers! Glad you are OK and please be careful on hikes!

  6. Yikes! We get a lot of ticks here on Long Island, and I know you have to be careful to get the whole thing out…but sometimes easier said than done. Glad you got to the vet and I hope those antibiotics clear things right up for you Roxy!

  7. So glad your mom had you checked out, Roxy! Ticks are nasty creature. We always use the tweezers and pull from the base. Then flush them down the toilet. Well, the boys like to burn them.

    Have fun down south! Sounds like it’s going to be a great winter for y’all!

  8. We used a tick spook to get a few ticks off of Huxley this summer. It is really good to spread this info because I am shocked at how many people still think you are supposed to burn them off- one person who told me that was a recently retired vet (not our vet, thank goodness!) Make sure to eat som pumpkin while your taking those antibiotics, Roxy. It will help to keep the medicine from upsetting your tummy.

  9. Oh dear, Roxy…I had no idea the tick could cause an infection that would need antibiotics. I sure hope you get better soon. And please, please be careful when you are out in the wilderness hiking!
    *Cairn cuddles*

  10. Here in Denmark our dogs get lots and lots of these ticks, when we are walking in the woods. We always use – I don’t no what it is called – but I found it in this movie from Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJpgYn-kWFM. It is really effective and removing the tick in a snap.
    Roxy your mom has to be careful too, because ticks can bite humans, and the humans has a big risk to be infected by this bacteria borelia, which can result in paralysis of the face.
    By the way, I am very glad that you’r okay.

  11. Yuck, we hate those darn ticks. Unfortunately we have gotten pretty good at removing them. But we still try to keep an eye on the area afterwards, because I know some of it can be missed. There is still a lot of misinformation out there about how to remove them, so this was great to share.
    Safe travels and good for you getting out just in time!

  12. I’m so sorry Roxy. Ticks are nasty. I usually just pull them out with my fingers but I’m going to follow your mom’s advice in the future.

    We just left SE Utah, where it has been cold and foggy for days on end. I hope that St. George is warm and nice!!! We have our eyes on Sedona for our next trip!

  13. Ticks are nasty. I once had one on my body that left a bump behind like Roxy’s. I ignored it and after a couple of months my immune system got it.

    But Roxy is much smaller so it’s good you got antibiotics.

    Hope you don’t see ticks again. They can be very hard to spot on a dog with a thick coat.

  14. I think this is a great post Roxy. We always chuckled when people brought their dog in for lumps, but it was just a tick. Tell your mom to pour alcohol on the tick first though. That kind of loosens them up because they can be tricky little boogers sometimes! I’ve only ever found 3 or 4 on Shiner thankfully… am not a fan!

  15. Mom learned early on with her first dog about removing ticks and occasionally we will have a piece left in that gets big. Another benefit to winter is that those nasty things are all dead :)

  16. We hope your journey south is going (went) well. Thank goodness you got ahead of the weather.

    There are little tiny tweezers we found over here in Switzerland for removing ticks. They have little notches on them, which work really well. I wonder if they are available in the States? Mom has done exactly what you did. It’s so disturbing. So glad you got to the vet.


  17. Yikes! I am so glad you went to the vet and had that taken care of. I have found a few ticks on my animals but luckily none were embedded and they were fairly easy to remove. It’s so important to check every day after going outside.

    I guess this is one reason I don’t mind the bitter cold we have here now, far less bugs!

  18. I’d rather deal with scorpions and tarantulas than ticks! I thought the ticks in Texas were bad until I moved to Kansas. I thought the ticks in Kansas were bad until I went to visit my mom in Missouri.

  19. Hey Roxy

    Ticks really are not nice! I’ve had a couple hiding in my coat, but luckily Mum finds them, she uses tweezers and so far it’s worked out well….

    Be gone ticks,

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  20. Oh my goodness, what an ordeal for you! I hope I never get a tick. I’m glad everything is working out okay and that you’re getting away from that storm just in time. :)

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