What is the Future of our Wild Horses — 15 Comments

  1. Lovely photos, but that one of the mom and little one standing together looking ahead is our favorite. We saw it on FB yesterday and loved it! Our hope is for all wild animals to continue to have a place to live, undisturbed.

  2. I love the horses and am heartsick at how humans abuse everything – animals, the environment and other humans.It seems so mind boggling that we have to write to our government to beg them not kill everything in sight. I write and I call and I donate. I wish more people would.Thank you for your amazing photos. They are inspiring.

  3. Hello, I love all your photos of these beautiful horses. I hope the horses remain free and wild and safe!

    Right now I am just sickened by everything our government is doing. Enjoy your day!

  4. Is the BLM recommending slaughter because they want to use the land (that the horses occupy) for other purposes, like cattle or mining?
    Makes me wonder if this is going to be this administration’s legacy – killing all that is wild!

    • The BLM’s excuse for rounding up the horses, is they compete for feed with livestock. So yes, they want the land for other uses. Ranchers pay to have their livestock on our public land, and since they can actually argue their case with BLM, that’s who gets heard. I’m pretty sure this administration will go down in history as the destroyer of all things wild and beautiful. From land, to water, to all the animals.

  5. This makes me so depressed. Thank you for trying to bring more attention to this. I can’t believe that the majority of Americans would support this. (I tweeted and donated today.) Your photos are beautiful.

    • Thanks so much for donating, and sharing. The majority of Americans oppose the round up, and slaughter of wild horses. But the BLM listens to the ranchers, not the public.

  6. I am saddened by the parallels of what is happening to your wild horses and your country. The horses represent freedom, spirit and a oneness with nature and the world around them. It is distressing to see that being destroyed.

    Your photos are stunning Mary — I hope they are not one day all that is left for people to remember their beauty by.

  7. Your beautiful photos are doing a great thing–spreading the word about animals that few people ever get to see. That’s why officials think they can get away with destroying them. You’re helping to bring them to people’s attention.

    Science has demonstrated that free grazing animals are very important for the health of grasslands. If only ranchers could learn to work within a natural framework that would probably benefit them in the end.

  8. Looking at these beautiful photos of wild horses it’s impossible to understand that we human beings cannot find a way to coexist with these amazing animals. You do some very important work with these images and your commitment to save the wild horses.

  9. It just makes me so incredibly sad….all of it. I don’t understand those that don’t appreciate the beauty of nature and the importance of our heritage.

  10. Why were the buffalos made extinct? To facilitate the exploitation of the prairies? To clear the land for railroads and cattle breeding. And as a result the native tribes also lost their main source for life on the prairies. Are there any buffalos roaming wild now? I read ten years ago that a single wild bull had been found somewhere in Montana I think it was, and it was shot dead for some reason that remained obscure. And the wild horses? Is there a will among farmers to find other solutions to what ever problems they have with the wild horses than killing them off?

  11. Your images of wild horses are hauntingly beautiful. You truly capture their spirit and make me feel even more strongly that we should protect them. I will write. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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