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  1. What a FABULOUS prompt, Mary, and that last photo especially with the rock formation and blue sky….if anything, a great photo can put me in a state of mind. I have to think about this prompt; I have to apply this to a poem AND a photo! Have a super first of March! Anita

  2. Me too! Tightly wound and ready to bloom!But no photo to represent it.

    Have a fabulous time with your sons, and I hope you survive Utah sanity intact. :)

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing more pics from the Valley of Fire; I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never even heard of it. That rock looks like a great surfing wave curling at the beach LOL! I’m glad you’ll be able to see your sons – at least there’s a good strong silver lining to being in Utah County!

    • You guessed it exactly with the rock formation. It looked just like a wave and I took several photos from all angles. My boys are for sure the silver lining.

  4. Actually, the way Mom takes and uses photos says a lot about her state of mind. If she is feeling great, everything is real orderly, but if she is not happy, or upset, things are chaotic and the orderly look is gone. She realized this a few years ago when she was posting things for real estate. Usually all the listing had a certain orderly look, but on days where she wasn’t her happy self, they were all mixed up.

  5. Never thought about it. It would probably be something crazy, with lots of colors and hard to distinguish shapes, because my mind refuses to stop. :-(

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