What to do with a flat gray photo — 14 Comments

  1. OK, SOLD. A few months back we were at Best Buy and the young sales rep told her LIGHTROOM was awesome. After your explanation and fabulous photo example, I know that Lightroom is for me. What a difference. This photo now has that SOUL that I seek. Fantastic.

  2. Editing photos is a real learning curve that we are always trying to work on. It is getting better, but it takes time to figure out all the things one can do and how to do them right. It looks great after you finished with it.

  3. What a pretty scene, I love the lighthouse! Great edit! Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. This is an interesting photo! The waves are much more noticeable in your edited picture.

    I was curious to see what others were doing today (fyi, the link to Apature 64 is directing right back here :-) )

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