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  2. Good morning Mary! It really amazes me how many of these artifacts (Prince Albert cans) are still found in these places. You’d think industry would have come in long ago to excavate this area for development. But it is refreshing to see there are still places where you can find vestiges of times past, these sort of museums of early America. Great photos!

    • It is nice to see areas that are wide open, like there is here. The cans in the top photo are actually in the Castle Dome Mine Museum, that we visited last year.

  3. I love your photos… I often imagine where I would be and what I would do if I would live in that old times…
    btw: we saw an old 3-wheel truck on the road yesterday… it had the name: Le Ho :O)

  4. So um, I have never heard of PRince Albert in a Can — and in Canada, The Brick is also a furniture chain! :)

    I too love your photos.

    As I was taking so many photos while in Mexico I was thinking how I need to invest in a better camera — and learn more about photography! It is an art you excel in!

  5. I would be a picture taking fiend in Mexico, it was so beautiful were you where staying. There is an old joke about asking a shop if they had Prince Albert in a can, and why don’t they let him out.

  6. Names and memories, I love it! Brilliant entry for this theme, Mary.
    These photos made them so special!

  7. I think Prince Albert in a can has more jokes about it than just about any other product! LOL But I didn’t know that very interesting factoid, and my writer’s side immediately got triggered with an entire story. I guess sometimes it’s what’s behind the name that triggers things! ;)

  8. Fantastic pictures–love the typewriter pictures, especially. I also chucked at the Prince Albert reference–I hope someone let him out!

  9. And such fun memories they are! My favorite thing about browsing antique shops is seeing all of the things I remember from my childhood.

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  11. Great photos, so nice to see The Brick photo. Loved the show. Wash lucky enough to visit and have a soda at the Brick.

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