When boondocking goes bad — 30 Comments

  1. Although it was a bad incident, and weird too, you seem to have ended up in a much better place, so there was a reason for you not to stay in that first place! Enjoy that gorgeous water!

  2. Good morning Mary! Wow, that would have definitely made me very unable to sleep the rest of the night! Why didn’t this property owner have a BIG sign then, if he’s so worried about people being on his land! Your alternative rest stop is gorgeous. That water, so clear, and the shots of the storm in the distance, a representation of your ordeal, are caught so beautifully. Thank GOODNESS for Torrey and her alarm system! Oh, be safe dear friend. On to Wyoming.

  3. Best to go with your instincts. Never been to Montana and I’m sure there’s lots of lovely people there, but I think the wide open spaces there due draw some weird right wing folks. Had a young troubled cop that lived next to me who’s dream was to move to Montana. Loved pumping out his chest and being in you face about stupid things. Also, knocking his wife around and keeping his side arm on a ledge next to the front door. Finally got his wish and moved there.

    A word of caution . . . Don’t talk to anyone named Charley while there. Especially if he looks like an x linebacker and he has a long slashing scare running down the left side of his neck. If you do run into him, don’t tell him Lew sent you!

  4. I lived in Montana about 30 years ago, but not for very long. This is the longest stretch of time I have spent here since then. It depends on where you are I decided. Some places have been nice, but some not so much. And I will watch out for anyone named Charley. Lol

  5. What a lake view from your front door, Wow!!! Thanks to Torrey for watching out for you guys.
    The lighting capture is awesome, Mary!

  6. Hello, WOW! You found a beautiful place and view! The lake is gorgeous. Torrey is a great protector! The lightning shot is awesome. Happy Thursday!

  7. Butte is an odd place. All those casinos and the like are just strange and give it a very seedy vibe. Choppy and I spent a weekend there for a wedding a few years ago.

    I think Choppy and I went hiking up where you had the troubles – glad it was the sheriff who came by, rather than the owner.

    • We won’t be going to Butte again, that’s for sure. The only reason we did was because we needed the truck fixed, and they were closest.

  8. Hello. I just found you through RVillage. We are start our full time adventure on Sept. 16th and are temporarily in a nearby campground while my partner continues to work until her retirement on that date. Montana is one place I’m wanting to when we get on the road. I’m nervous about finding places to boondock…I have uploaded many apps. to my phone to use.
    Peace and blessings to you and thank you for your wonderful blog and pics!
    Peace and blessings!

    • I wouldn’t be too nervous about boondocking, we always feel safer out in the middle of nowhere. Freecampsites is the best site I have found to find boondocking in any state. There are some wonderful places in Montana, we really liked Ennis and the surrounding area. I’m glad you like the blog and photos, and welcome to the blog.

  9. Wow, what an experience. I’m glad it’s behind you and you found such a beautiful place to boondock, it looks so incredibly peaceful. What a precious pic of Roxy! Those photos are fabulous and I love the contrast of the bright green/yellow grass against the dark gray sky. (Any fossils in those rocks? ;) LOL)

  10. It seems like it worked out for the better though – what a beautiful spot you ended up in! We hope you like Bozeman better. I think it’s home to our favorite dog toy manufacturer – West Paw Design – so it can’t be all bad! :)
    PS: I just love how you don’t want to be in RV parks. When my hubby and I used to camp, we were always looking for the quietest campgrounds with the least people that we could find!

  11. As scary and horrible as it sounds, at least the sheriff was nice about it and warned you off the asshole land owner. I’m glad you all are safe and actually found a better place.

  12. What a gorgeous place you finally found! Montana is not all bad – Bozeman is a nice college town, if kind of touristy. But the best part of Montana is at the top – Glacier National Park. Pure beauty, just like your shots of rain on the mountains.

  13. Not being an American I had to look up boodocking. Never heard the word before. Interestingly enough in my country (Norway) everybody has a right to camp anywhere as long as it’s not cultivated land, even if it’s private land. So I am always surprised when I meet this kind of hostility you describe here. On the other hand I have only had good experiences i Montana, and I love the state’s mountain landscape. :-)

  14. Geez, some people, huh?! But as my mom always said, there’s always a reason for bad things happening. I say it’s to show us the right things and to make us appreciate them all the more.

    Your photos are always so beautiful! I love storms, too; except when they frighten one of my dogs. Poor Callie used to be so anxious during a storm. Now my sweet GoldenAngel makes her presence known to me, even if I can’t see her.

  15. Oh man… a knock in the middle of the night would scare the crap out of me. That sounds like a nice sheriff, giving you a friendly warning to move along rather than anything more. You’d think that, if someone is super strict about their private land, they’d have signs!

    I’ve wondered if the “movement” of “crusty kids” or “travelers” has affected you at all. In our area, every camper is now looked on with suspicion, even by those of us who camp ourselves! “They” started our big fire, then went to the evacuation centers to get handouts, and finally looted homes during the evacuation. The back lash is furious!

    Montana sure is a beautiful state. I hope that you end up finding parts that you like!

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