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  1. HEY……have you ever sent in your photos of Torrey AND Roxy to agencies that take four-footed models for canine products? JUST A THOUGHT! The girls looks like they are having FUN and lovin’ the sun. Oh Mary, what a great getaway!

  2. Oh I’m sure the modeling acency will call you soon… it was great to watch your photos… think they are the metaphor for freedom and happiness :o)

  3. Hello,
    4 days of sunshine, yahoo! Torrey is a beautiful dog, Roxy is a sweetie too. They must have loved being able to run on the beach. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  4. Amazing how much we appreciate the sunshine when we don’t get to see it as often; we’ve entered the grey season here and can expect few days of sun until the spring :-/

  5. You take the sun when you can get it. No matter how chilly it is.

    Glad you were able too enjoy the sunshine with your girls.

  6. The Seattle area is wonderful when the sun is out, but usually when I am there, it is dreary and I don’t like that at all.

  7. The girls look so happy and Torrey certainly was made for modeling! Daisy’s pink argyle sweater is almost exactly the same as Roxy’s! :) Glad you had some sunny weather to enjoy.

  8. Goodness, is that Torrey’s winter coat? She really looks fluffy! Loved the photos of the dogs on the beach. Guess now you understand why us northerners appreciate nice weather! Love Dolly

  9. What beautiful days! We seem to be lacking sunshine here lately….even though it’s not raining the days are dreary. And on top of that, they’re so short even if there is sunshine, it’s not for long!
    So glad you enjoyed that time on the beach….and Torrey definitely is a rockstar…she needs a contract! :)

  10. I’m so glad that you got some sunshine!!!! Torrey looked exuberant on the beach. She’s such a beauty. And Roxy is so expressive!

  11. Do the dogs like the ocean for swimming, or do they stay on shore. I don’t remember much about west coast beaches, except they did seem small to me, considering the large ones we have here.

    and I’m with you on the sun, it doesn’t need to be warm, it just needs to shine. :-)

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