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  1. Wow, your desert skies are beautiful. I hope you find a good spot..Have a happy day!

  2. I hope you will find a place you like and you can collect tons of good memories from your place before you leave. I always thought it’s just fabulous to have an RV, much better than to live always on the same place, but now I learnt that it is not always perfect. Good wishes, crossed paws and good luck to you.
    easy rider

  3. Oh Mary, I can’t believe you are leaving! This is YOU…this is your home! Is there any way you can live near by in the desert country? I wish you so much success in finding just the right space….you have brought us so much joy in the quiet of the desert – I will miss your adventures. I will keep posted, and fingers crossed! Anita

    • Anita, I am still going to blog, it just gets a little harder once we are in Utah. This happens twice a year when we land there to try and get stuff done. I certainly have to get more creative with my blog and photography. I would love to stay in the desert, but we haven’t found a spot that calls to both of us yet. Once we get over the hill that is Utah, we will head north for the wilds of Wyoming, Idaho and possibly Montana this year. Then my heart can soar again.

  4. I guess the best thing is to focus on seeing your families again. Not good to have to go to a place you don’t like.

  5. Oh so sorry to here of your plight . . . but what about us! Is our in-box going to be missing your posts? You can’t just disappear for a couple of months and leave us hanging here. We’re following the awesome adventures of Mary, Al and your dogs . . . I’d love to see posts on how you’re coping with your upcoming challenge. How about some posts of Al working on his art? Where would you go during these next couple of months if you didn’t have this speed bump to deal with?

    I guess I’m just being selfish here. Maybe I’ve totally misread this post and they will keep appearing as always. I hope so . . .

    • That is such a nice thing to hear, that I would be missed. But, you won’t have that chance. This happens every time we go back to Utah between the summer and winter show seasons. And every time it’s harder to go back. It is harder to blog, and find cool stuff to photograph, but I always manage to pull something out of my head. I have blogged about Al and what he is creating, and I will for sure do that again. We still haven’t found the perfect spot to build another shop. We are on the hunt though. So, I will keep pestering your in box, and I am so very glad that you are OK with that.

  6. Your always welcome here. Have Al build a barn out back and move your home here. We could build a gravel driveway on the north side down through the back to the five acres. I’m sure your dreams will all come true.

  7. I have to tell you I will miss the desert too. Those gorgeous photos you take are such a balm to those of us who are stuck in the city every day. My dog Holly and I are sending wishes for the unfolding of a perfect journey for all of you.

    • Thanks so much, I love hearing that my photos are appreciated. The photography scenes will change, but hopefully will still provide you with some joy.

  8. a hard position to be in – selling that location means not getting back to see family as often, but i can understand the difficulty if there’s not a good site to park!

  9. I’m sorry you have to be somewhere other than where you want to be– believes I know what that’s like. Can you use the truck for one-day getaways?

    And I believe that your eye can see the beauty in anything. You can photograph a graffitied overpass and make it art. So maybe look at it as an opportunity to make the mundane beautiful.

  10. I know how miserable it feels to be stuck somewhere that goes against your spirit, a place you feel completely out of sync with. Can you maybe spend weekends exploring more natural areas so that at least you have some relief from wherever you park your home? Sometimes it helps to have more attainable, short-range periods of relief to look forward to while you’re looking for your more permanent place.

  11. Hi Mary! I just saw your reply and I am so happy you are going to continue to blog. Whatever you share, I know will be grand because you look for nature – we need more of your comforting landscapes to slow us down to listen and watch.

    I wish you the best in travels and in finding the right spot. I just know you’ll find yourselves back again in the most enchanting of places, because your heart is open to all that is wild and WONDERFUL! Anita

  12. How terrible to not have a place to park near the workshop. Sounds like some BIG changes will happen in your near future. You’re very creative so try to think outside the box. :)

  13. It sounds like how I feel at the end of every vacation. It is too bad that Al’s shop isn’t in a more RV-friendly spot. I’ve camped in places like that (in our van), and I agree – it sucks.

    In the meantime, enjoy the next two weeks. You are now in a beautiful place! We get to go to the red rock desert soon, and I am so happy about it!!!!

  14. It will work out the way it’s supposed to. :-) Sometimes the waiting and not knowing is the hardest, but usually when we look back, we see it all took place for a reason.

    Hang in there my friend.

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