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Where have we been?? — 26 Comments

  1. Ok first you were in “Cody” and now South DAKOTA…do you notice a THEME here? BOL!!! Your photos are just fabulous and I am glad that it wasn’t “wordless!!”

  2. I’m sorry you can’t check out all the sniffs at these parks, that’s no fair. But, at least there are some pictures right? That buffalo is really something!

  3. Holy Cow! You guys are so close I can almost smell you from my house. I haven’t been so SD yet, but Mom tells me there are some cool places to see there. Gorgeous photos you have!

  4. The rock Buffalo sculpture is fantastic. A true wilderness sculpture in the wild. The Tower is so mysterious. No dogs is terrible! I guess there are rules. How bout No children under ten unless they are in a backpack.

  5. No dogs in National parks? That’s lame. Is that always the case?
    In Canada they’re allowed in all National/Provincial parks as long as they’re leashed and stick to paths/trails.
    The Tower looks cool!

  6. Awww, how handsome are those two? I bet they love all of their adventures! (That rock is also awesome. How do people do stuff like that?)

  7. Beautiful shots! I think it’s SUCH a drag that dogs can’t go in National Parks. My hubs and I have this big dream to someday take an RV around to all the national parks… but if the dog can’t come along, that’s a problem for us! I know it wasn’t like that in the past. I’m sure a few rotten apples spoiled it for all of us – as usually happens. :(

  8. those are some beautiful parks you’ve been to and are going to. I hope you get the opportunity to visit them personally. No dogs, that’s just not right!

  9. My goodness Roxy…you two sure get around. BOL What a gorgeous view of Devil’s Tower you had from your spot in the grass. We loved the sunrise too! Happy trails…and stay safe!
    *Cairn cuddles*

  10. Beautiful photos and amazing blue sky! Do all National Parks not allow dogs? I didn’t know that. I guess we’ve only been to state parks.

  11. I hate all those “no dog” places like NP’s and Monuments. But lots of them are beautiful, like where you were! I hope that you find beautiful places that welcome the furries with open arms!

    Have fun with your amazing travels!

  12. We were on that exact same route a couple years ago! We also stayed in Rapid City and Spearfish but we stayed in private parks instead of state parks. I remember that sculpture well as I loved it! The prairie dogs are sooo cute!! Enjoy Mt Rushmore too…something special to see! We also took a day trip to Belle Fourche…http://www.bellefourche.com/bfhistory.htm

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