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  1. Wonderful shots from your travels. I love th old homestead and the shot of the canyon with the river. Beautiful images.. Have a happy day!

  2. MY grandfather was from Loveland Co. Good luck with the show. Mike and I were just yesterday speaking about how you could still see wagon train tracks to this day. The mining town sounded cool. I am so glad there are people who preserve old things. Cool pics to. Thanks for the update. We have rain and cooler weather here. The flies have been like out of science fiction! I’m ready to go insane with them. Scool starts in two weeks!

  3. Love the photos. If you’ll be in Loveland a few days maybe we can meet up, I’m just up the road in Longmont!

  4. Oh, what wonderful travels! The photos are great! I hope you are enjoying the peace and quiet of no internet! We do like a little break now and again too.

  5. oh my! Fabulous as always!! Sometimes it is good to not have internet access, then you get to enjoy the beauty around you! I have been soooo bad about posting on Dakota’s blog. Lately it has only been about one day a week, I need to change that. I have been keeping up with Cat Chat but not Dakota’s. Can’t seem to get the mojo going!

    • It has been nice not having service, kinda. It’s a bit inconvenient at times. We just drove 8 miles up the road so I could check in a little bit. It’s hard to get your mojo back when you lose it. I had to take time off earlier in the year, and just told myself i would start blogging again when i felt like it. That was the best thing I did I think.

  6. No worries re visiting we will see you when we see you. Love the shots and it looks like a really interesting place to visit. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. I love history and really appreciate historic preservation, so these pics were fascinating for me. I think a lot of people think of pioneer homesteads like the Ponderosa on TV – not so! That picture really puts it into perspective. The iron gate definitely looks like a small family gravesite, I wonder if there used to be a homestead there? I love that those wagon ruts are still there after so many decades, I’ve heard about that in several different areas. Makes history come to life. Outstanding photos, thanks so much for taking us on your journey!

  8. You must be enjoying your travels and being “disconnected” for a few days. Lovely scenery once again.

  9. Great images from your travel. I particularly like the one from Independence Rock – and love the words, too. Have a wonderful continuation of your travel.

  10. That is one of my most favorite things about Wyoming! The super cool towns that are there … just for exploring!! And miles and miles of absolutely nothing but wilderness!! Beautiful wilderness!! I hope you are enjoying your sightseeing!! I bet the pups are!

  11. I’ve been following your 100 day project and I have to say, I’m afraid you are giving me the wanderlust. To walk those old wagon trails and stand in those houses that pioneers built, just calls to me. I’m glad I can live vicariously through you. :-)

  12. So many interesting things to see! I was once going to ask you how you managed to find internet all the time when you are traveling. Now I know – you don’t always! I think that would be the only downfall for me about traveling like you do – I hate being “off the grid”, even though I love being in the great outdoors!

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