Where to go — 20 Comments

  1. Good mornin’, Mary! Oh that snake, I hope he was OK! It saddens me that some people won’t slow down to allow creatures to move out of the way. My husband is so good (me too!) about slowing down to let the local water fowl (big, chunky Canadian geese, ducks, even TURKEYS!) get across the roads. Oh, I wish you luck in getting yourselves parked! You look great my friend. Keep enjoying. Anita

  2. I like the name Unicorn Ridge. I hope you enjoy this new spot. I slow down for all the critters in the road. Have a happy day!

  3. It sounds like Unicorn Ridge will be a great place to take a break from city life for a little while. Maybe you’ll even see a unicorn! :)

    PS I loved the photos from your hike up Rock Canyon. That looked like fun, and I’m glad Roxy was feeling good enough to go with you.

  4. Can’t wait for more photos on the area. Sounds like a perfect place to get away to. We had a large Bull Snake on our CO property and made sure no one harmed him.

  5. A lot of people drive 30 miles and more to work to live in the perfect place…looks like you found yours:) Can’t wait to see some photos of your new home!!

  6. Well, I like the “no fee” part but 30 miles is a long distance when you’re trying to clean out a work space. Too bad the neighbours can’t be more neighbourly.

  7. That does sound like a place you couldn’t pass up camping at! I hope you’re enjoying your time there, and at least you’re getting a break from that neighborhood.

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