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Who did it best, Roxy or the Moose? — 12 Comments

  1. Good morning dear Mary! School has started for me so I missed a few posts of yours in the morning. The mornings are crazy for me!

    I LOVE CUSTER!!!!!!!!!

    OK Roxy, you know how I feel about you. You are cuter than all get-out, but I have to vote for CUSTER! Perfect lighting and to wait for a moose to pose is quite admirable! Beautiful shot, Mary!

  2. Each is perfect in their own way, I love them both. Of course, I have a real sweet spot in my heart for Roxy, but ol’ Custer really is a sight to behold!

  3. That is a tough call because they are both great, but since we see more of Roxy, the moose is more special!

  4. How could I get a framed print of the moose lying down? It’d be a perfect gift for someone I know who is “moose-centric”…I went to your website and bought a couple of pieces, but didn’t see the moose! I saw other moose pictures, but I really like this one best. mbcinbc@gmail.com is my email addy and you know me from WordPress as Embeecee. Thanks hun!

  5. Oh, and Roxie rocked it of course!! Sorry Mr. Moose…panache is born, not learned! ;)

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