Who did it best, Roxy or the Moose? — 12 Comments

  1. Good morning dear Mary! School has started for me so I missed a few posts of yours in the morning. The mornings are crazy for me!

    I LOVE CUSTER!!!!!!!!!

    OK Roxy, you know how I feel about you. You are cuter than all get-out, but I have to vote for CUSTER! Perfect lighting and to wait for a moose to pose is quite admirable! Beautiful shot, Mary!

  2. Each is perfect in their own way, I love them both. Of course, I have a real sweet spot in my heart for Roxy, but ol’ Custer really is a sight to behold!

  3. That is a tough call because they are both great, but since we see more of Roxy, the moose is more special!

  4. How could I get a framed print of the moose lying down? It’d be a perfect gift for someone I know who is “moose-centric”…I went to your website and bought a couple of pieces, but didn’t see the moose! I saw other moose pictures, but I really like this one best. is my email addy and you know me from WordPress as Embeecee. Thanks hun!

  5. Oh, and Roxie rocked it of course!! Sorry Mr. Moose…panache is born, not learned! ;)

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