Why Boondocking — 30 Comments

  1. WHY? Because it’s outrageously beautiful and if you can, WHY NOT!

    Oh Mary, you have piqued my interest in a place I never would have imagined. GORGEOUS SKY! Keep ’em comin’…

  2. We have never been there but would love to go see it SOMEDAY. Most likely in Jazzy chairs. LOL Thanks for the virtual tour. Great pics. Fence idea came to mind for me also. Neat murals painted on the buildings. The old church looks like a spanish mission

  3. Why, that is a nifty little place to boondock! I would love to go into all the little artist shops…and the architecture is great! But of course, my favorites are the sunsets. You capture such great sunsets! I am so jealous. Happy WW

  4. I have lived all over the world, yet I’ve never been to Arizona! I have dreamed of going – it sits on the top of my bucket list. I loved this post and the photos were breath taking. Thanks so much for sharing…

  5. You guys have the BEST life!! I love the stories of these tiny little towns, that’s the “real” America that people don’t see enough of. I was thinking the same thing about those bed frames – there’s so much incredible art that could be done with them, as well as a very unique fence.

      • We’re exactly the same way. We live a short distance from New York City, but you’d have to drag me there kicking and screaming. I’m always drawn to quaint places and those are our destinations whenever we travel – undiscovered America. :)

  6. Why, what a great little history lesson, and what spectacular photos as usual! ;)

    We’ve seen a couple of cardinals here this season already. Beautiful birds! *wags* – Gilligan from

  7. Loved the tour! Funny you saw your first Cardinal. They are a common bird here, even considered the Virginia State bird!

  8. It’s gorgeous. And you are the only person I know that would make a fence out of bed frames and I bet it would look awesome too!

  9. Oh, I never heard of Why. (There’s some funny town names in AZ. We used to drive through Hope on the way to Prescott, which of course had a sign “You’re now beyond Hope” as you drove out. Sadly, they spelled it Your….) Anyway, beautiful buildings and art! Sounds like a great spot. We were in Tucson not long ago and it was SO green there, I couldn’t believe it. But they’d had a lot (like crazy amounts) of rain before we were there. Have fun!

  10. Well, now we know WHY you wanted to stay there….LOL! It looks like a great place, and that church is just gorgeous, it’s so different than the churches I’m used to seeing.

  11. Why? What a fun place. So funky and cool. It’s hard to imagine that it’s also so green. You see such interesting places in your wanderings!

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