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  1. Hmm, does a Lab making friends with a Chihuahua count ;-)
    Torrey is so lovely the bee thought she must be the queen of flowers and wanted to entice her to follow him back to his hive. Forget Owl and Pussycat – Bee and Puppy are the new item!

  2. Now that would be amusing! I got stung by a bee once, so I don’t like those kind of things, but I can see how that teasing might be fun.

  3. That’s really funny – and that’s a REALLY big bee! Daisy likes to jump up and snap at flies; she snaps so hard, we hear her teeth clack together. Our previous dog used to try to play with outdoor creepy crawlies – beetles, spiders – but in her enthusiasm, she would poke them with her nose and end up either squishing them or drowning them.

  4. That is so cool! The only unusual thing I remember once is a fox sitting outside the yard just watching the dogs play one day. The dogs didn’t pay any attention to it, and it just sat there for the longest time watching….almost like it would have liked to play with them!

  5. I have never seen anything like this bee and dog relationship. My dogs chase mice off the deck in their yard when they try to get their food and water. My cats play with mice before they kill. I’ve seen my three legged cat jump straight up towards the ceiling and catch a fly in mid air. I guess because my dogs are in the back yard most of the time they just watch the world go by.

  6. Ha! I’m impressed you could get photos of the bee!
    Moses is scared of bees and wasps. Many summers ago he wound up getting stung on the face – it just created a big bump for a couple of days, but ever since, if a bee or wasp is buzzing around him, he’ll get up and leave.
    With the exception of insects, though, I think he’d be friends with any species (e.g., porcupine!?). Alma’s more of a dog’s dog, though. She doesn’t show much interest in other animals… though, she does try to play with the cats sometimes, with varying results.

  7. The bees have been out in force with all the flowers blooming and they are quite aggressive right now. They’ve been driving the dogs nuts.

  8. Bet it was bumblebee guy on search for a girlfriend :o) Easy is in love with his dad’s pillow, if that counts for a different species :o)

  9. haha! That is definitely interesting. There is a stray kitty and a squirrel that are best buds, and they in my yard all the time! At first I thought the kitty was chasing the squirrel as prey, but when she caught up with it, they sat together and then started running around together. I have since seen them playing quite often!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  10. Torrey and the Bumblebee…it sounds like a children’s book! That is super cool that she made friends and had fun playing chase the bee! AND…I cannot believe you got those great photos of the bee. Wow!
    Happy Thursday,

  11. mine have snapped the bee and gotten stung in their mouths – their whole head swelling up like a football. glad torrey was fine with her friend!

  12. Definitely an odd playmate… just glad the bee didn’t sting her. It seems like those buggers around us are out to sting and not play.

  13. Too funny and what fun for everyone! Never had my dogs befriend another species. Tino tried to convince the rabbits he was their friend, but they knew better…

  14. Ah, you have to love Torrey! I think….maybe….Delilah tried to make friends with a statue, does that count? LOL

    My dogs were pretty good with my daughter’s cats, BUT I think dogs that live with cats (mostly) tend to get along. Other than that, I can’t think of anything.

    AND thank you for joining the hop, sorry you had trouble getting the badge to work.

  15. Phew. I’m glad Torrey didn’t get stung! Those huge bumblebees freak me out. I didn’t know they didn’t sting.

    • Actually those big bumble bees can sting, over and over and over. They don’t loose their stings and die like honey bees do. A bumble bee got caught in my cousin’s pony tail and stung her multiple times on the back of her neck!

  16. Love the bee shots! Maybe it’s a carpenter bee? And really? Have my dogs ever made friends with another species? Chewy would LOVE to be friends with Jimmy the Duck. Love. And the chickens. But they’re fragile.

  17. Bumblebees probably get lonely. Who would want to be friends with something that could hurt you and make you swell up like a pumpkin?

  18. Goodness that’s a good one! I pretty much stick with dogs unless you count me chasing the birds out of my yard or them hassling me. Love Dolly

  19. Hi! So great to meet you at Blog Paws. I think that type of bee is called a Yellow Jacket, but I could be wrong. I’ve always thought that they were good-natured too, but don’t know for sure. What great photos of the special playful bee. Livvie has tried to play with dust motes in a sunny spot of the living room!

    Terry from

  20. Our old cat Hobie befriended our raccoon Rocky. For many years they shared space and at times Rocky would scratch Hobie’s back for him. WHen Hobie would get baths or groomed, Rocky would get upset. Theirs was a very closer friendship, they even shared each other’s litterboxes!

  21. Chloe would secretly love to be friends with a chipmunk…I think. She actually caught one of those little critters in her mouth last summer! She is AMAZING at hunting them and they are FAST!! I very gently removed the frightened out of his wits little critter and he scurried away. Deep down, I do believe she thought they could be friends!

    I, too, am very impressed with your bee pics!! And Torrey…has the most beautiful coloring!! That really is a funny story!

  22. Mauja would rather eat the bee than play with it. We have pictures to prove it; swollen face and all ;) Great photos!

  23. That’s hilarious! Lucas loves to jump up and snap them out of the air – thankfully, he’s not allergic – but I’ve never seen one try to play! Although, I suppose he doesn’t actually give them that opportunity…

  24. Actually, those big bumble bees can sting, over and over. They don’t lose their stings and die like honey bees. A bumble bee got caught in my cousin’s pony tail and stung her multiple times on the back of her neck!
    I’m glad this big bee just wanted to play and tease.

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