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  1. Oh she is such a cutie….and if the brace can help her at least enjoy a bit of time on all fours with you, then it is worth it. Back problems…oh dear. I am now experiencing them myself but they are radiating over into my hips….BUT I KEEP MOVING! Sweet Roxy, I hope she keeps on enjoying your company, brace or not! Wishing you a gentle day in your beautiful surroundings! Anita

    • Back problems are the worst! It’s especially hard when she doesn’t really understand why she is in pain. It’s heart breaking sometimes to see it in her little face. I hope you can get some relief for your back too.

  2. That is great if it helps her out. Like with many pains, some support is often all one needs. Hope she feels better. Happy New Year’s Eve!

  3. In the past when my back gives me problems a back brace is a must for support. Is there any kind of message that would help? I have heard of therapist for horses that manipulate the horses back with message and it has helped. Maybe a heat pack spelt bag with esential oils in it like I made for you and Al would be helpful.

  4. Thank you for he review! Great pictures! So happy to see that Roxy is being supported in her Wiggleless. If Roxy is comfortable in the brace as you say, there is no reason she cannot wear it for longer periods of time throughout the day for prevention. I have customers who work and have them in it all day …as long as it’s clearly comfortable. I wonder if her flare up happened with the brace on?

    Also a suggestion to have her wear a comfortable cotton liner or “onsie”… underneath if you feel this would add to comfort. A layer between the brace and the body.

    Currently I am working on two more products.

    Thanks again, Lisa

    • Lisa, thanks so much for giving me the chance to try the brace. I have been using it when we walk, and I am also trying to get her to relax more in it. She did good yesterday once I got her snuggled on the couch. I’m not sure if the flare up happened with the brace on. It’s so hard sometimes to pin point exactly what the triggers are.

  5. Awww, sweet Roxy. I’m sorry she isn’t feeling good. We lost our Shelbee Chi Dog on the day after Christmas. Enjoy every moment you have with Roxy. They are just like our kids, huh?

  6. We’ve heard about this brace before but never knew anyone that tried it. Sounds like it may be helping Roxy some, sure hope it does help her have lots more long walks. Happy new year! Love Dolly

  7. I’m glad you found something to help support her and make her comfortable. I feel like even as our pets age they should still continue to do the things they love, it helps keep their mind young. :-)

  8. It looks like WiggleLess provided a little bit of relief and support for Roxy that lets her enjoy more of her favorite activities than she was able to without out. All in all seems like a success! Hope you guys are gearing up for a great 2015! *wags* – Gilligan from

  9. Yippee for a back brace that works! Good to hear Roxy did well with it. We wish you, Roxy, and all your family a safe and wonderful 2015. Happy New Year!

  10. Whatever it takes to help out our best friends, right? Glad you found this brace option for your girl! I love the picture of her walking in the dunes.
    Have a happy & healthy New Year!

  11. Oh, I hope you’ve found something that will help Roxy. It may just be a matter of using it consistently to see the best results. I know how hard it is to keep dogs from doing what they want to do. Luke is always jumping off the furniture and we know that’s bad for his knees, but you just can’t stop them every time. They certainly don’t know, they just want to do what they normally do.

  12. Glad to see some first-dog experience with this. Being around a lot of Dachshund people, back injuries are a very common thing. I have recommended the Lil-back-bracer several times but now I can also recommend this one.

  13. I’m so glad you posted about this, Mary, because Daisy has some back pain too, all from jumping on and off the couch. We don’t let her do it anymore (though she does get past us on rare occasions) and she doesn’t have bad flare-ups, but there are times when we can see she’s uncomfortable. Instead of giving her the prescription our vet gave us (I try to avoid meds whenever possible), I’m going to talk to him about using a back brace when needed. I’ll look into the one you used too. Thanks for the helpful review!

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