Wild Burros, Such Cute Little Ass’s — 29 Comments

  1. HOLY COW, I am in love.

    I have always loved these fellers, but your photos bring out even more personality! Their ears, GOODNESS ME, they are so fuzzy! They look like cracked open coconuts…don’t EVEN ask me why I see that in their ears! teehehehee

    Giggle giggle giggle go I, as I see these darling creatures. That shy baby hiding behind mummy is SO DARLING. Mary, you have one of the best jobs in the world!!!!!!!! LOVE THIS!

  2. My mom is not a big horse fan, but if she could have a burro, we would have one in a heartbeat. They are a better size, and so much cuter than a horse to us. Great furry photos!

  3. Just the title of this post made me smile! But those burros! Oh my! They are cuteness personified. I love how you’ve captured them — but the one of the two pairs of ears is my fav!

    I didn’t know there were wild burros — and the fact they came over with the Spaniards in the 1500s is amazing. Thanks for sharing Mary!

  4. Totally agree on the cute factor. We were at that same spot a few years ago and I couldn’t get enough of those little ones. Thanks for making me smile this morning ☺

  5. Hi Mary. It’s been awhile since posting a comment but the asses brought me out. My wife, two huskies and I love seeing these donkeys when traveling in the area. They come right up to your window to say e-haw. What a treat.

    Speaking of treats, I made a batch of your Instapot dog food yesterday for my Huskies Boo and Togo and boy did they gobble it up. I’m changing up their diet from kibble with a bit of boiled chicken to somethig more healthful per Togo’s chiropractic vet’s suggestion. He’s a rescue dog I got about three years ago and has had some sever injuries to his neck vertebrae. Didn’t know this until recently after having to deal with some bad pain issues. His X-ray shows the damage. Fortunately, we have an excellent vet who’s helping us get the best affordable care for Togo.

    Anyway, thanks again for your Instapot recipe. Have you made any changes to it since your original post?

  6. Hey Lew, glad you’re still around and the ass’s brought you out of hiding. So sorry to hear about Togo. Roxy has back issues, so I know what you’re going through. The only change I’ve done with the food is to use peas, and not spinach. Some dogs can get bladder stones with spinach, and since there is no way to know if they will or not, it seemed safer to not take a chance. I had to take Roxy off the food though. She is 12, and gained weight on it. Even though I was giving her the same calories, I think it may have been too carb rich for her. Torrey however, did great.

  7. Oh my gosh, they are all SO cute! Love love love. I didn’t know about them. Would love to go and see them. (It is kind of sad that they are soooo tame – I’m sure a lot of folks ignore the law about not feeding them. When we were in Zion the first time – 20 years ago – there were signs everywhere not to feed the deer, which would walk right up on the lawn in front of the lodge at night because they were so tame from people feeding them. I still remember this stupid woman feeding the deer, and when I pointed out the signs everywhere, she said “It’s popcorn! It’s natural!” Um yeah… cuz deer always eat popcorn in the wild…. People!)

  8. There is definitely a huge cute factor. I love the one where the two are lined up so it looks like a 4-eared burro. Oh my goodness – baby burros must be beyond cute!

  9. Oh Mary, I am enjoying this series with the burritos!!!!!!! They truly are special with those huge hears and slits for eyes! teehehe

  10. Thank you for your condolences for Silver’s passing. Your words mean so much.

    Beautiful shots. I am enjoying your photography very much. Hope you are well Mary. Take care.

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