Wild Foals in Wild Flowers — 8 Comments

  1. Even though we are not crazy about horses, we always love your photos of them, and we sure do want them to keep living in the wild. They are not hurting anyone or anything. Leave the nature alone! They are so beautiful roaming free.

  2. Hello, beautiful captures of the foals. They are all adorable. I love the horses. Well done, great photos. Enjoy your Monday and new week ahead.

  3. Wow! stunning. I just can’t get enough of your photos of the wild horses. These are incredible.

    Thanks for sharing such beauty and wonder Mary. Always good for my soul to witness what your eyes see.

  4. Beautiful set of photos, Mary! I love the two yearlings were sharing the stick. :)
    Thank you for the post.

  5. Your love of these horses shines through in your images and your words. Your special connection with them makes your images shine! I love the foals, mares, and stallions. I wish that they’d never be rounded up. Ugh. What is wrong with people?

  6. The BLM needs to be rounded up and dealt with the same way they treat the horses. Eye-for-an-eye kind of thing. This inhumane treatment of all animals, including humans, has got to stop! And those advocating such behavior need to be treated for mental illness. But that’s just my opinion.

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