Wild Horse Babies — 8 Comments

  1. Dear, dear Mary…these are darling photos, and have you considered making a BOOK of just horses, with your story of their herds as well as the challenges they face due to the current situation? Your prose goes so well with these touching photos, showing the gentleness of their relationships, the charm of the youngsters, the beauty of it all. I AM SO SAD to hear about that little filly; what do you think happened to her, if she was not seen with her mum? I can’t even bear to think of it…I just can’t. I am very sensitive to animals and any harm done to them, but with horses, my sensitivity levels are extremely high. I can’t even watch the movie, “Black Beauty” due to a scene where Ginger dies….

    Please think about making a horse book one day. I think you can tell their story.

  2. Hello Mary, the babies are all adorable. What a wonderful sight to see. I am sad to read about the filly, some people just make me so mad! Awesome post and photos!
    Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  3. How can people be so cruel to animals? That is just so sad for that sweet baby and its mom. The world is not always a nice place to be. On the other hand, your photos are beautiful!

  4. I am always saddened when we humans behave in less than human ways.

    Your photos capture the beauty, freedom and majesty of these amazing horses — We humans could learn a great deal from how you honour them, and how to live more like them.

    Thank you Mary for all you do to create a better world.

  5. Yes, I can definitely see him growing into a powerful beauty like the one in the sidebar! Thank you for sharing such beautiful and happy family photos. It takes away a bit of the sting of that tragically sad story. What is wrong with people???? It just breaks my heart and I cannot comprehend what they were thinking. :(

  6. Those photos are amazing. Those foals are all so beautiful!!

    I had to skip over the sad part…. after reading it already once on Facebook, I just couldn’t stand to hear about it again. It breaks my heart. Why are people so phenomenally stupid sometimes???

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