Wild Horse Freedom — 9 Comments

  1. Good morning Mary, my FAVORITE HORSE PERSON!

    Your new lens is sensational. You get so close, enough for us to enjoy the details that no human can ever seen. The colors of the eyes, MY GOODNESS!!!!! And the video is a great addition to your portfolio here so we can see the movements and hear the sounds of the equine wilderness. Oh how I pray that these beauties will be protected and not run out and separated as has been the case. That Cremelo, I WANT! Oh the dreams that photography brings to our eyes! THANK YOU for always blessing me with your wondrous nature photos!

  2. I love the cremellos too… and I wish I had one of this horses… but it wouldn’t the same then… so I rather watch them through your cam :O)

  3. Unbelievable! The detail you get with your new lens. I’m sure it wasn’t a cheap lens, but my mom is always so happy when she finally invests in something new and it works so well. Awesome photos as always!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous. Every horse has his/her own beauty. The colorings are my favorites, and you can see the personality in some of those faces!

  5. Gorgeous. Love those “golden hour” photos and the sparring ones are really cool too! (Can’t see the video from my stupid ancient iPad – will have to remember to come back later on m phone or PC!)

  6. Love, love, love those horses. The sparring is amazing, and the lighting is incredible. You are getting such amazing images!

  7. Wow… It so wonderful to see them running, moving… freely. Thank you, Mary for the fantastic video and photos. :)

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