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  1. I could watch them for hours!! It is very interesting to see the interactions! Your photos are gorgeous…I never tire of looking at your photos…no matter how many there are!

  2. OK Mary, you must have been thinking of me when you got all these shots?

    Every photo, what a gem. EVERY ONE OF THEM! You are so lucky that you can capture horses in the wild (with great caution, of course!) because the only way I can get horse photos is behind a corral fence, and for me, that ruins my photos, or at least, it makes the photo incomplete. I want the WHOLE horse. But what is fascinating here is how you are able to observe and learn the secret life of the wild horse and come away confirming that their lives are filled with family, connections, emotion, love, fear, power. I wish more people could observe such things in all domains of life so that they could appreciate all life; maybe we’d stop wars, greed, and give this planet a chance.

    I LOVE YOUR WORK and of course, the horse is my favorite CREATURE of all time! Excellent work, Mary.

    • Anita, I did think of you when photographing them. I got 2000 photos in 2 days. Sheesh. The senate is debating whether or not to lift the ban on slaughtering the wild horses. I wish each and everyone one of them would go spend time with them, maybe then they would see reason.

  3. Hello, I could never get tired of seeing these beautiful horses. I love seeing their interaction and the young ones are so cute. Your photos are just gorgeous. Have a great day!

  4. Oh my. Such beauty and majesty — I too could never tire of your photos — and the video is sublime. What a great day to begin my day. Thank you Mary! I so appreciate you and your beautiful horses!

  5. Oh Mary, I’m awestruck by your photos and video. I cannot get enough of these wild horses. The video had me smiling and I found myself totally relaxed while watching it. These horses’ markings, the color shadings, the majesty of the stallions and the adorableness of the young ones with their little scruff of mane standing up on their heads – all so breathtaking. This has been a fabulous photo series. As a child I filled my room with horse images on the walls and Breyer horses on every surface of my rom – some of your photos remind me of those things.
    That was an amazing shot you got of the horse kicking back. I was once on the receiving end of a similar kick (not quite as hard as that one, though!), when I used to go riding every week. I was unwittingly between two horses that had a rivalry going, I later found out. My entire thigh was purple, black, green for a very long time. The doctor said it was only by sheer luck that it landed where it did, otherwise I wouldn’t still be here. And I still have a lump in my thigh from it all these years later. Yet I still adore horses – go figure! :)

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed them all. I shot over 2000 photos, so paring it down to this many was not easy. I’ve always loved horses, and rode a little in high school as I had a couple friends who had them. My little nieces are the same way.

  6. Oh Mary, 2000 photos in two days! WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I can see how that could happen!

    YOU ARE SO RIGHT…if only those who make the big important decisions would go out there, watch them and see they have SPIRIT and families and LOVE, maybe they’d think twice about that horrific act. I pray, I really do PRAY they not do this. It would change the landscape and add to the list of heinous crimes of humanity on plant, animal AND human life.

    Such beautiful images.

  7. I love this horse series, Mary! Stunning captures. I have never see wild horses before. Thank you so much for the video. :)

  8. That’s so amazing just watching them hanging out together. The photos are beautiful and what a great catch that was with the one kicking up his hooves!

  9. Wow – so many great photos! I love the young ones, and the nuzzling. Glad those mud-rolling horses don’t come over to my house. :)

    How about “Do I have grass in my teeth?” for that silly, grinning horse. That pic is so cute!

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