Wild Horse Week-Friends and Family Bands — 15 Comments

  1. OK, you did it again. You have made me giggle, laugh, sigh, swoon, all before 5:00am….

    What can I say? GOODNESS MARY, I love the horse, I love your photos and your opportunity to visit with these amazing beasts!!!!!!!!! That cremelo, gotta say, they are my favorites….oh wait, LIPPIZANERS, PINTOS, all are my favorites!

    Thank you for this wonderful moment.

  2. the horses are like one of the wonders of the world somehow… and I’m so happy that they are still there and can live their lives without our civilization-stuff… I always wanted a cremello or a palomino and bugged my grampy for years… I never got one, but I can enjoy them now via your blog, that’s good too :O)

  3. Wow these photos are magnificent. I so envy you being able to spend so much time with these wild herds, these horses are gorgeous. I notice that even the older white horse looks healthier than old horses in captivity. I hate the idea of horses being rounded up. I’m looking forward to your photos the rest of the week!

  4. Gosh, what a wonderful experience to be out there observing their family life. Thanks so much for sharing with us, I never would have known how close the families are, it’s so cool.

  5. Beautiful photos, I love horses and nothing is more beautiful than seeing them live wild and free. I learned a lot from your descriptions of the bands. Always wished I could see them in person from afar.

  6. I love this series, Mary! Thank you for the description.
    They are beautiful and majestic. I’m viewing these photos with tears in my eyes…
    Just wonder if these wild horses will be captured, then isolated for training, etc.?

    • Sadly, when the horses are rounded up they are put in big pens, think cattle yard, were they stay for the rest of their lives. It’s not a good thing for them, at all.

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