Wild Horse Week-Horses in Art and a Giveaway — 28 Comments


    Mary, please, please, please put my name in the GIVEAWAY pot!

    Yikes, these are the most gorgeous horse photos I’ve ever seen. You are a master at this and have you thought about printing a book of your horse photos and experience in the wild with them? Honestly, you should. I have seen two gorgeous, oversized books on the horse that had great photos, and what I loved about both of them the most was the size of the books, so appropriate for a grand animal. BUT, your photos are far better than those photos. Honestly, I hope you consider publishing a large book of the horse.

    Where do I even begin to tell you how these photos are so moving. I love post processing and I can see how much fun (and know how much time) it is. That perfect “golden moment” of the unprocessed photo is sublime and it’s like poetry: sometimes the muse just GIVES you a perfect moment that doesn’t need a lot of editing

    THANK YOU for this wonderful week of the horse, my favorite animal in the world.

  2. This has been a great week of photos, love horses so much.

    Hard to chose a favorite picture. I am very taken with that last photo you posted though, the mare with her yearling.

  3. Each of your photos has something different that’s special about it; I’m always tempted to comment on the special qualities of each one, but then I’d be writing a novel here LOL. “Golden Light” is particularly striking. Love those mane shadows in the black and white closeup. I’m definitely entering the giveaway – if I lived in my dream cabin in Montana, I’d be plastering the walls with your photos.

  4. Great job Mary. My pick is the sixth horse from the top, just above the two horses in profile who are about to kiss. Thanks again for the great photos you’ve posted.

  5. What an incredible week of photos!! At first I liked the textured ones…then the clarity of the Golden Light is so amazing. Impossible to choose I think!

  6. From this post, the picture right above your text “Sometimes they just pose so perfectly for you.”

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