Wild Horse Week-Running Wild and Free — 13 Comments

  1. Sigh.
    Happiness before I run off to work, and I “run” because I have to, but to run because you can must be an exhilarating feeling.

    Mary, YOUR CAPTURES ARE A THRILL! I love the stories behind these images of “The Man” and his clan and of the older white horse who back in the day was the boss….I ABSOLUTELY LOVE each image, but especially the one with both the brown and white horses: chocolate and vanilla!

    Bravo Mary. Even in less than optimal lighting conditions, you caught their beauty and spirit, lights and shadows and perfect movements. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  2. It really is amazing that there are still wild horses running around like they do. It is a wonderful thing, really.

  3. I’m sorry to see ribs on some of the horses going into winter; hopefully the snow won’t be too deep and they can keep pawing for grass. Overall though, a lovely herd.

    • This herd is in good shape really. The only ribs I saw were on the older horses, so that’s pretty good. This area is windy, and pretty flat, so I am guessing they can paw down to grass pretty easy. I would go give them hay though, if I could. Lol.

      • I would too :-) I’m guessing that’s forbidden. I would love to set up my own refuge and provide food for them, while still allowing them to run free. Now I just need a lot of money and thousands of acres out west :-)

  4. I’d never have known you had a challenge with the lighting, these pictures are so awesome. What a wonderfully healthy life it is to run when you want/need and just know when it’s time to go to the back of the herd. I love the random colorings of these horses, it’s so much better and more interesting than the regulated breeding to get “show horse quality” stock. Don’t get me wrong, I love horses of all types, but wildly random mixes are my favorites. I’m SO enjoying these photos.

  5. Love the soft light shots. You say it was horrid lighting conditions, but it doesn’t show here. Another great post on the horses!

  6. They look so majestic and powerful as they run. I love that they still have this freedom to run just because they can!

  7. Oh Mary, how I’d love to be there with you to see these magical wonders! I am so enjoying your series here!

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