Wild Horse Week-The Watering Hole — 7 Comments

  1. Oh WOW! So beautiful. Love the freedom you’ve captured in every photo — is that an oxymoron? :) Regardless, these horses are stunningly beautiful and your photos evoke the joy of the watering hole.

  2. I wish they’d put a “love” button on these blogs, “like” just isn’t good enough. These photos had me marveling at these beautiful creatures. I love the shot of The Man watching over his herd and the overall feeling of wild freedom. And oh, those colors! This is a series of photos I’m going to be coming back to again and again.
    PS- I’d be the lunatic going back to the site with wire cutters and gloves to remove that barbed wire! I love how the stallion taught the foal to steer clear; communication among animals is amazing.

  3. They look great, but my mom cringes at the site of all the dirt and mud they are wearing. I guess they are simply horsing around and having fun.

  4. Dear Mary and herd,

    HELLO! I had to leave quite early this morning so I missed this gathering. THE MAN is gorgeous, and the one photo of him overseeing his “kingdom” is remarkable. How relaxing it must be to be able to observe, be fascinated, then share. LOVE THIS!!!!

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