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  1. they are wonderful! I couldn’t believe that there is a land with wild horses as I was a kid… and I put my pocket money in a jar to go to this land once… sadly it never happened… but I can watch them through your cam now, that’s good too :o)

  2. My heart skips a few beats when I see ANY HORSE… could be the poor beast that pulls the carriage downtown for tourists, it could be a solitary mare out in the pasture just a few miles from our house. These animals are magic, pure and simple. LOVE YING AND YANG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow, they are awesome photos. One of my favorites is the next to last shot. Great action shots, the horses are beautiful. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  4. Stunning photos absolutely stunning. Mom’s cousin Judi adopted a wild Mustang decades ago, we love wild horses and think the photos will sell really well. Love Dolly

  5. I’ve been waiting for these pictures! They are so beautiful Mary! When I went to South Carolina several years we went to an island and there was wild horses. I couldn’t take my eyes off them, they were beautiful! You captured them perfectly!

  6. I’ve been looking forward to you posting your photos ever since you mentioned seeing them on Facebook. So fantastic! What an absolute thrill to see them!

  7. Fabulous… would love to see these guys myself. I’ll send you an email next week and see if our schedules will mesh for a little joint camera shoot. And hopefully the wild horses won’t be elusive!

  8. These images of the wild horses are amazing! I found you through Amy. Man am I glad I clicked over to here. What beauty!

  9. Well it was definitely worth all you went through trying to find the herd and freezing while photographing them! What gorgeous pictures! It’s so wonderful to see wild horses behaving naturally instead of through man’s training. Warms my heart.

  10. Oh Mary, thank you for thinking of me when you were photographing these beauties! I WOULD HAVE cried and laughed and leapt for joy!!!!

  11. Amazing photos! What incredible action shots and cool behaviors you captured! Are you in Northern Utah, like your little map seems to show? I’ve never seen wild horses before. Thanks!

    It sounds like your hard drive might be as full as mine ;)

  12. wonderful images
    i like the coloring and texture you add to some of them
    you sure have a lot of photos to go through!

  13. I honestly couldn’t tell you if I like your landscape to animal photos better. They are all so wonderful.

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