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Wordless Wednesday — 33 Comments

  1. Sometimes some over views on a situation are all that one needs to get out of a rut and blogging friends are great for helping out! You are looking cute, Roxy!

  2. Tis all about fun and I love to run fast chasing squiggles of course. We too are having splendid mild weather and it is sunny today. No need for heating. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. I love this mild sunny weather to. I get up everyday and exercise and stretch. You are awesome and cute.

  4. Roxy, you look like a little wolf when you’re running! :) Niles gets the “haul butts” pretty often, she just loves running around like a wild child!

  5. OMG Delilah runs super fast and Sampson is slower. Me I run like Forest Gump. I have old knees that just don’t work. :-D

  6. You are soooo cute! I love to run fast, Dad had never seen me play with other dogs like I did last week. I can out run just about any dog, the pictures are all a blur. Mom needs to learn how to use the camera on manual! Love Dolly

  7. Daisy loves to run, and I’m sure she’s dreaming about when she’ll be able to run again! You’re adorable Roxy, whether you’re running, sleeping, walking – whatever!

  8. I will have stop by Monday’s blog post because I think that I missed it! Those pictures turned out pretty good. I bet it wasn’t easy trying to take them!

  9. Oh Roxy, I was doing zoomies this morning with my buddy, Bentley. We zoomed and ran through his yard like we were lightning! Tell you mom she is welcome and that we are so happy to have you as blog friends! (Maybe someday you will travel down this way and we could meet!?!)
    *Cairn cuddles*

  10. Great photos! Happy Woofy Wednesday!
    Btw, have you entered out Diamond Naturals basket giveaway yet – if not, definitely go check it out!!!

  11. The cold weather lately seems to bring out the very best in zoomies for Heather and Mr. K. I don’t know what it is but the weather seems to put an extra pep in their step in walks, too. Enjoy your mild temps and sunshine! Much love, the Scottie Mom.

  12. You do look super cute when you run, Roxy!!! Good job by your mom. It’s tough working a camera while running!

  13. Go, Roxy! Running is fun! I think the conversation on Monday was great….I think it helped a lot of us who are struggling with the same thing.

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