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Wordless Wednesday — 27 Comments

  1. As a youngster I used to try to swim out and get the ducks but I learned that doesn’t work. Now Bailie is the fool trying to get ducks, chase flying birds, etc. She will learn this year it will not work. I guess it is something dogs have to work through.

  2. Boomer is glad you don’t want to be a duck or he’d feel he’d have no choice but to chase you… it’s one of his hobbies!

  3. Very profound! LOL! Daisy and I like to watch the ducks but she doesn’t want to be one either. Being a dog is WAY better!

  4. I think a duck’s life looks pretty good, Roxie! You get to glide around on the water and then FLY when you want to. Quack!

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