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Wordless Wednesday — 54 Comments

  1. Hey Roxy, Hey Torrey, Jet here. Hi Miss Mary.

    Looks like a perfect greeting card… we expected some howling on the horizon!

  2. What a gorgeous shot! I’ve never been able to get good night photos. Probably need to invest in a decent camera! Kisses from Daisy!!!

  3. Beautiful photo really dreamy atmosphere. I wish I didn’t live in the city, so I can see such beauty more often. Have a wonderful Wordless Wednesday!!

  4. It is pretty cool! I love how little it is in contrast to the landscape! Guess what i finally figured out google +…took all day but, lol, I can add ya properly now!

  5. No problem, I just imagined myself sitting there as a silhouette howling at the moon as us hounds to and I had a mental dog photo :)

  6. Hey Roxy! Very nice picture! Saw your previous post about the swap meet in Arizona, my mommy use to live in Tucson and she knows all about Swap Meets. She said they were cool!

  7. Sunsets are ok too :) I saw the most beautiful sunset of my life in the desert when I was on my Geology field camp. I didn’t have a camera but I think I my imagination remembers is better than it would have looked on film anyway :)

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