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Wordless Wednesday — 58 Comments

  1. This looks like an emergency to me! Hope you got some chow in those bowls soon after the photo was taken!

  2. they do look forward to this feeding time. How could you resists those faces?

  3. At least you guys have the common sense to give your Mom “the look”. Litchi is hilarious. If her food or water bowl are empty, she simply stands there, staring into it, for however long it might take before someone realises and fills it. It’s never occurred to her to come and tell anyone, or make a noise. She seems to think that, if stared at hard enough, the required contents simply come surfacing out of the ground below

  4. Mes would makes very insistent meows, but the hairy slobbery sister Cinnamon would bugs and bugs until Mommy adds foods!

  5. That is some first class pleading, Roxy & Torrey. Were there zoomies in between those sweet, begging looks? That’s what our boys do! Stare. Circle. Stare. Circle. Repeat.

  6. Thanks for coming to see my Roxy … but now I am curious, who is Torrie? Is that her in your picture. I have a sibling named Torrie, but she is a Bi-Black Aussie. I was thinking it would be a small world if we were talking about the same Torrie. So, I don’t know if you noticed in the past, but I have a cat buddy named Chachie who speaks for all of us when it is time to eat. He has a clock in his head and it tells him when it is breakfast or dinner time aaaaaaaand, even when it is time for a treat (so he thinks). It comes in very handy because I never get accused of begging … because, I don’t have to, Ha! Hope you have a good week Roxy,

    Izzi @ From The Sol

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