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Wordless Wednesday — 39 Comments

  1. Oh, Torrey looks beautiful! Glad your travels are going well, and that you are all finding ways to keep cool.

  2. Torrey…You look like a little princess. Very nice. That is super hot! Oh, my goodness! I haven’t been watching the news, so I didn’t realize how hot it was in your part of the country. Keep cool.

  3. Torrey looks adorable with that little bow… and so much cooler! Great haircut :-)

  4. Oh, you look lovely, Torrey! And hopefully you feel much cooler! We have been lucky and having some weird fog here in the mornings which is helping keep the temps down!

  5. Oh my gosh Torrey looks great! I love her cute little bows too! So weird that it’s so hot up there and not here. Here in Texas we had our record low of 62 degrees on July 1st at night time… weeeird.

  6. They did a wonderful job and I’m glad they didn’t cut your fur too short! Love the bows- you look gorgeous! :) Hope you are all nice and cool now!

  7. Wow, I though I had it bad with my sun-loving black furs! At least you got some pretty pink bows and a cute new furdo, though!

  8. You look great, Torrey! I can’t believe how hot it is there. I don’t remember Oregon getting that hot very often.

  9. OOO! Swimming in the Snake River sounds great! I think we’re ready to hit the road again, maybe we should join you? My boys would not like haircuts or bows, though. But Torrey, you do look elegant!

  10. Love the haircut and the pretty pink bows. So sweet! You will be happy to have that cut for summer. Soon enough it will be time for fall. Enjoy the trip, it sound wonderful!

  11. Hey Torrey

    Are they pink bows in your hair? Gotta say they look pretty cool!

    And how my Mum wishes she could pop me into a little carrier and sneak me into stores, but don’t think that’s gonna happen any time soon! :)

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

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