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Wordless Wednesday — 32 Comments

  1. Looks like ice cream! But if someone is playing a cruel joke and swapping it out with healthier – and less delicious – frozen yoghurt… a travesty!

  2. Helloooooooooooooooo Torrey, Roxy! Well it s looks yummy Roxy! Where’s Torreys? I’m had a worthless Wednesday.

  3. Hey Roxy! How have you been!! Were back, and hope you’ll stop over!! Have a wonderful week!

  4. That’s Frosty Paws, isn’t it? My dogs would love some. Unfortunately, they only get real ice cream. They don’t complain about it too much, though. ;)

  5. Looks like ice-cream!!!! we looove icecream, but our mom and dad have given up icecream as they’re on diets :( Spare a thought for us! Love, Charlie and Hannah

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