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Wordless Wednesday – Dog wrestling — 63 Comments

  1. How cute and I never noticed Roxy’s fun little tail before!! I can’t believe that..it’s so sweet! Torrey seems go good natured and like a ball of fur love! Hugs!

  2. Ha! So fun…Daisy loves to wrestle but sometimes gets carried away.

  3. That’s how it always starts…a little innocent invite to play and then the big dog gets it in the end…oh Roxy, clever dog.

  4. My husband and I could sit and watch our dogs wrestle like it was a TV show, we love it. To watch to big oafs roll around like that really makes us laugh. But seeing as they are big dogs and getting older, they usually don’t wrestle more than ten minutes or so, which
    is probably a good thing, because we’d never get anything done!

  5. LOL! A familiar story at our house, where the puppy is the enticer and winner :-) Great photos!

  6. You guys are too funny!! Wish I had a wrestle buddy! Sometimes I try to get Mum to play, but she’s not very good…. :)

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

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