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  1. I LOVE MOOSE. Did I tell you that I used to live in Boston? We’d frequent this high-end, chic street in town called Newbury St. which was smack dab in the middle of all the action. A few years after we moved to Minnesota, I heard and SAW on the news that a MOOSE was wandering on Newbury Street! HAHAHAHAHAHHA How he got there, I don’t know. I saw it! A huge beast on the streets lined with outdoor caf├ęs and expensive shoppes!

    Your photos are marvelous, and that last one with the moose and his nose in the water….I saw a horse do that once! He was enjoying a drink of water with his entire muzzle submerged! It must feel good!

  2. WOW! I was thrilled to see just one bull moose in the Tetons. It is cool you have three in one photo, amazing. Great shots. Happy weekend to you!

  3. Moose to me always have this solid presence that says, I’m here and right here is what counts — Love how you capture their handsomeness, and their spirit.

    It is always amazing to me how you always find the best in nature where ever you go!

    Good luck with the show this weekend.

  4. Love the photos, and the last one of the little guy drinking is fabulous! I think it’s so great that you can actually recognize the moose you saw last year. Best of luck at the shows this weekend, I’ll be sending you lots of positive thoughts and Daisy sends Havachon hugs!
    PS- We’ve been voting for your fighting stallions photo almost every day.

  5. Such magnificent animals! Great photos and so lucky for you to get so close to them! Hope your shows go well.

  6. Hope your weekend is going well! I love the moose too. We used to see more of them here in NH, but it was rare to see more than one at a time. Now the populations are hurting because of the ticks, and we haven’t seen one for quite a while. :(

  7. I was curious how close you were to the moose when you took those photos. What size of lens did you use for those great photos?

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