Wyoming Wildlife Large and Small — 11 Comments

  1. WOW. I love these in black and white, Mary! Whenever I transform one of my photos in black and white, it takes on such an emotional feel and these are exceptionally beautiful.

  2. Buffalo are great photos, but we love the moose the most. We would look at moose over all the others any time! Great photos as always!

  3. Hello, you are so right. I was thrilled to see the bison, moose and bears in Wyoming and Montana. Your photos are just fantastic! I have never seen the Badger, that would be cool. Enjoy your day!

  4. At the college campus near us, a badger was spotted. The administration freaked out, telling people to stay inside until they got rid of the badger. Hilarious!!! I love your misty moose photos, and I love that badger photo!

  5. I miss seeing the moose around here. Their population has really taken a hit in our state. :( I love the small wildlife too. The other day I saw two baby chipmunks outside the door – they were so cute!!

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