You say buffalo, I say bison — 20 Comments

  1. Holy smokes…that one bison turned and looked right at you and the camera! What a GREAT shot! The momma and her calf photos are so sweet. You were so lucky to be able to get so close to these magnificent animals.
    Happy Monday,

  2. I love Bison. I once saw a cowboy ride a bison at a rodeo. He raised it and taught it tricks. Bison I saw a documentary on that they used them in a movie on an island “Catalina” in California and now the heard keep s expanding there and they take them and thin them out and ship them back to South Dakoda where they are from.

  3. They are truly magnificent beasts. Sad to think that the large herds that once roamed the prairie are mostly gone.

  4. The photos of that bull are wonderful! Just gorgeous creatures. I have to wonder, though, which part are the buffalo wings??? Wait, maybe they originated in Buffalo, NY :)

  5. The calves are obviously born to match the dry grasses. John has gone to the big motorcycle rally in Sturgis and said how you could come upon a large herd of bison just standing in the road, unwilling to move out of the way.

  6. Wow – those photos! Love the babies too! So cute. Isn’t it interesting how animals’ fur can change color as they age? (Even our beagle changed SO much as she aged. Her head was almost completely black as a pup, but faded to brown over the first year.) I had heard folks say both buffalo and bison. Didn’t really know the difference! Will be sure to say bison from now on!

  7. I always really enjoy seeing them! There’s a sort of preserve park near here where a herd of bison roam and I know that I would never want to make one mad at me!

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