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  1. Good morning, Mary!

    We have had a family of hawks in the neighbor’s tall pine tree. They have been calling to each other and the baby fell from the tree! Our neighbor called the University of Minnesota’s Raptor Center and they came and treated the bird but put him back in the tree. He has been squawking for days but apparently, this decision to put him back near his parents was what the Raptor Center expert was the best option.

    Your photos have helped me see these birds much, much closer; for us, this incessant squawk has been an annoyance, but to see what they look like, to hear your observations of their behavior has given me a better respect for them! THANK YOU!

    Oh those harebells, GORGEOUS!

    • I hope the young one makes it. I suppose his parents know he’s there, hence all the squawking, and are feeding him. The are fun to watch.

  2. The young hawk seems like a real character. I can just hear the parent, “Act regal for pete’s sake, the human is photographing you!”

  3. Hello, awesome captures and sighting of the Hawks! The flowers and raindrops is lovely. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  4. Love the bluebells with rain drops. I think parents of every species have trouble with kids doing silly stuff.

  5. Oh, the parents are around, and they are feeding him. They’re feeding him BUNNY BODIES, BLUE JAYS and wrens! YES!

  6. Beautiful photos. We have a lot of hawks around here but I’ve never seen families interacting – very interesting!

  7. We’ve had a lot of baby/young birds around here lately – but nothing that big! They’re so much fun to watch regardless!

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  10. We have a hawk who hangs out in our neighbor’s tree all the time. I love to watch him! Sometimes he (I’m assuming…) has a girlfriend and sometimes they have a young ‘un with them. Love watching them soar over the canyon we live on. Great photos! Love the older hawk calling the other one and the young one looking put out about it!

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