It’s no fun when you can’t play — 14 Comments

  1. Magic. Pure magic.

    From the DOGS (adorable) to the smoke from the campfire to the “mistake” – it’s all fabulous FUN.

    AND! I shot my first photos in RAW yesterday and successfully resized them and put them up on my Instagram page. I really love them and they have the quality I have been looking for! YAHOO!

  2. Accidents are usually how Mom discovers a new tool in photoshop, or a new feature on her camera. That accidental shot is pretty cool! Love Torrey in the glasses too. Hope she is better soon so she can get back to having fun.

  3. Hello, AWWWW poor Torrey. I love the campfire shots. All the dogs are just adorable. Happy February, enjoy your new week!

  4. So sorry Torrey is still lame. My Husky, Boo, blew out her knee a couple years ago and we took her to a specialist in Orange County, CA who does surgery to repair the knee. Very expensive but Boo is good as new and runs just as fast as ever. Let me know if you would like more info. Good luck.

  5. O I bet they could be the canine version of the three musketeers …that’s so sad that Torrey can’t run for adventures with them :o)the campfire photos are great… they bring back some dreams of summer :o)

  6. Torrey, you are SO cool. It’s a bummer not being able to play though. We hope she heals up soon so she can get back to that. Sitting around a campfire was always one of my favorite things about camping. The smoke coming out of the log is a very cool photo!

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